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What Is Working From Home Allowance?

If you have been requested to work from home due to Covid-19, even for one day you are eligible for a £312 allowance for each year.

Due to Covid-19 forcing many of us to work from home we all would have had increased electricity and gas bills. To support us the government has released a working from home allowance that is £6 a week, totalling £312 a year.

This allowance is available for multiple people working from home at the same address. Note, each person would have to apply individually to claim.

Am I Eligible?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can claim agreed rates without having to provide receipts.

Working at home agreed rates:

After the 5th April 2020 the agreed rate is £6 per week.

If you need to claim more than the agreed rates you’ll need evidence that shows the extra cost you incurred from working at home.

We operate on a 'No Win No Fee' basis. Our fees of 27% inclusive of all charges plus £45 admin fee of the total HMRC repayment is payable if a payment is released.

Where no payment is released, no fees are payable.


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